Empowering Oman to become a competitive hub for investment

Nazdahir, the National Program for Investment and Export Development, is working to intensify national efforts to attract investment and create a stimulating environment for investment and development of Omani exports.

MUSCAT: Khalid bin Saeed Al Shuaibi, Head of the National Program for Investment and Export Development, Nazdahir, told ONA that the program aims to enable Oman to become a competitive destination for investment and an active business environment in the global trade system by developing investment partnerships between the country and the local and international business community.

He confirmed that the program ‘Nazdahir’ is currently focusing on 15 priority projects, represented in various sectors, including five projects in the tourism sector, three in mining, two in manufacturing industries, four in food security and one in the aviation sector.

He added that the program has launched, since its inception, ten initiatives within the framework of the business environment to ensure readiness of the investment system and verify the alignment of all procedures, processes and legislation to stimulate projects. He further explained that these initiatives were represented in the ‘Invest in Oman’ protocol, alongside the fast track, framing investment opportunities, and promoting Omani exports; permanent residency, preparation of the unified national promotion plan, investment map, national investment strategy, investment incentives guide, and national negotiation team.

He pointed out that the program focuses on several investment sectors, namely logistics, aviation, energy, food security, mining, communications, information technology, tourism and manufacturing industries, in addition to the investment opportunities that have been developed in the fields of health, education, culture, youth and sports.
He indicated that the total number of initiatives included in the program’s dashboard is 167, including 78 enabling initiatives, 57 investment projects, and 32 investment opportunities.


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